Check an Insurers Claims Process Before Buying

While finding the least expensive auto insurance quotes is significant, knowing what should be done in the event of an accident is vital.

The step by step process of a normal vehicle insurance claim could be a complicated process to navigate at diverse stages, and many people don’t understand the process.

The claim process starts at the accident.

You need to do everything right at the accident so you can have a successful vehicle insurance claim.

This includes calling the police or emergency services if people are hurt.

It also implies when you have to exchange auto insurance information with the other driver.

If you see any witnesses you should take their contact information too.

In this process, fault will be determined unless you live in a no-fault state.

Different States Mean Different Claims Process

In a no-fault state, as long as both parties have insurance, there is not any presumption of fault.


Your insurance corporation deals with you, the other driver’s insurance corporation deals with him.

In states where fault is a problem the most significant difference between being responsible and not being responsible can have a big impact on your pocketbook.

When to Contact Your Insurer

Next, you want to contact your insurance firm immediately.

You can generally file the claim over the telephone.

It’s crucial to do it because if you do not file quick enough you may hold up the entire process.

In several states, the insurer doesn’t need to pay if you wait too long.

Filing the Claim

File the claim with your own carrier whether or not you are responsible.

If you are not responsible, you must also inform the other carrier you are filing the claim, or have your insurance broker do it.

However, it is best to do it yourself just to make sure the insurance company is aware of the claim.

Generally the other insurer has to cover anything your insurance corporation does not cover.


The amount your insurer will not pay becomes the other driver’s responsibility if he/she doesn’t have insurance.

It typically takes either a repossession company or a court action to accomplish fulfilling the claim.

Communicating with Your Claims Adjuster

Ultimately, you are going to meet with an insurance adjuster.

The adjuster is going to make an estimation of the damage of your vehicle.

The insurer will then cut you a check for that amount minus what your deductible is, and then the other insurer will cut you a check for the amount of deductible.

You are able to go to an insurance authorized auto mechanic to fix your car and the insurance company will work directly with the auto mechanic.

Final Thoughts

By grasping the whole process of filing a claim, you will be well informed about what services to expect from your insurance corporation.

When looking for the least expensive car insurance rates, be absolutely certain to keep all facts under consideration.

Having an insurance coverage is considered a great plus. Contact insurance agent Covington, KY to know more about different insurance plans. A professional insurance agent is well aware of everything and will always provide you with the best piece of advice.

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