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Regularly checking and performing necessary auto body parts replacement is very pivotal if and only if you want to get the same performance out of your car that you got when you bought it new.

For that, regular maintenance is must. There are certain things or maintenances that we overlook thinking that they are trivial and won’t actually effect the auto part or car performance. But here you are actually catalyzing the damage process by neglecting it. Some auto parts like filters look small and trivial but their roles are very pivotal in maintaining the performance of the engine.

Without going into loops, lets check out some important maintenance tasks that you just can’t skip!

Filters are important

Just keep it in mind. Filters whether it is car oil filter, fuel filter or air filter they play very important role from blocking foreign particles, debris or sludge from entering the auto parts and disturb its perfect working.

Why is oil filter important? Oil filter actually maintains the normal oil pressure inside the engine and enabling to do so will result in illuminating engine light and many more engine related issues. It is the job of oil filter to keep the vehicle free of debris for the longevity of the car engine. So, make sure to replace oil filter every three months for better engine performance.

Air filters play crucial role in providing power to the car engine and enabling to do so will result in car stalling. Air filters allow clear air in the engine by keeping contaminants out of intake manifold and valve train. So, it is recommended to replace them every 12 months for better mileage.

Check tire pressure regularly

Never keep driving on under inflated tires. Tires are always overlooked but under inflated tires could cause blunder to your car performance and auto parts.

It is very easy to observe whether your car is running on low tire pressure or not. It is also very easy to inflate the tires. Modern cars either come equipped with tire pressure monitoring systems or you can purchase TPMS sensor at any online aftermarket store at cheap rates.

While checking the tire pressure, don’t forget to inspect the lighting system of your car like headlights, fog lights etc. This is not only suggested because of safety issues but also a lot of fine is imposed on drivers driving with malfunctioning lights. So, check them and replace automotive lightings if needed.

Don’t forget to Clean!

Many essential auto parts like spark plugs, hoses and filters are required to be in clean state for optimum functionality. So, for the longevity of your car’s performance, make sure to clean the area or auto parts like spark plugs and don’t forget to replace them every 60000 miles or more depending on your driving situation or car condition.

Replace timing Belts

Timing belt is also important part of engine because it not only rotates the crankshaft and cam in sync but also ensures that each cylinder fires at the proper time.

Timing belt by time like any other auto part gets damaged and needs replacement. If you think of delaying its replacement, that won’t do. Because without properly functioning timing belt the engine won’t work at all. Without an engine your car is nothing but a scrap.

So, get the timing belts checked and replaced whenever issues like engine misfiring, oil leaking, or weird noise of ticking is heard from the engine. It is totally not to be overlooked.

Check the brakes

For the sake of your safety on the road, just do it without getting second thought. First find a safe place and check brake pedal pulsation. This is done to check brake rotors. You will have to brake to a stop from 30 mph speed. There shouldn’t be any pulsation while you brake but if the pulsation is felt it means rotors are warped and need immediate replacement.

While going for an oil change, do include the brake checkup and maintenance in it.

Flush the brake fluid

When the car brake fluid starts absorbing water it makes the working less effective and requires immediate flushing. Sometimes due to hard braking, the air bubbles are created in the brake fluid, so at that time bleeding the brakes becomes must.

So it is recommended to perform brake fluid flushing every 2 years.

Don’t overlook the transmission fluid. Often bad transmission fluid, burnt, discolored or smelly one damages the overall working of transmission system. So, it is very important for the fluid to changed appropriately and it should be red colored and smell sweet. Also check the leaks while flushing because leaks are the worst enemies of car.

Same goes for the cooling system and fluids. The coolants and antifreezes can accumulate sludge and same problem could occur with them. So, change them every 3 years. By flushing the fluids, you can easily check leaks, clogged parts, and corrosion.

Check owner’s manual


Owner manual is not some crappy booklet that is given free of cost to you by your car manufacturer. It contains every information about your car and its maintenance. If you will follow the regular maintenance schedule mentioned in the manual, you will always experience a pleasant drive.

If you are performing a DIY, then too owner’s manual male wonders. We often don’t know where the complex auto part is. So then, we can take help of the manual and get the work done.

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