How to Clean Your Engine Block for New High Performance Cylinder Sleeves

Installing a high end cylinder sleeve is not a piece of cake, but before you get to this part, you have to go through a much bigger challenge. You need to clean your engine block thoroughly, and prepare it for the new and better engine block. The following guide will help you to do so.

Engine Block for New Sleeve

Prepare the Engine Block

  • Start with removing the old sleeve. You can do this by hand by tapping the need of sleeve to loosen I up. If you have a large engine, you can use a high-end puller. Once the sleeve is remove, you need to scrap the scale and carbon from lower deck. If High Performance Cylinder Sleeves rings are in the block, then you have to clean out the old rubber
  • Corrosion at sealing ring is prevalent and it has to be corrected. If the condition is getting worse, you will see the diameter is enlarged to the extent where sleeve itself will become lose.  Don’t worry, you can bore this area and get it back to its original state. But if you fail to do so, you can seal off coolant, and other issues which can lead to flange breakage
  • Water Jacket Erosion is also a common issue, and it uses soluble oil to water. Water filters come in handy but if your case is worse, you can  use magnesium rod to dampen the galvanic action in cooling system. It wil be good if you some caution with wet sleeves in the engine
  • Once you are done cleaning, you need to seal the ring area so you can recondition lower deck. Yu have to be careful as the upper level may have to be chamfered. If any edge is left sharp, it will cut the rubber seal, and your High Performance Cylinder Sleeves can slip out of place