Keep Cool Even in the Heat: Air Conditioning System Maintenance for Semi Trucks

During the hot summer months, staying comfortable on long hauls is crucial. But keeping your truck’s air conditioning (A/C) system operating in top form takes some effort. With regular maintenance checks and repairs as needed, you can breeze down the highway in chilled comfort.

Air Conditioning System Maintenance for Semi Trucks

The Basics of A/C Systems

All truck A/C systems operate in a similar fashion. The compressor is belt-driven by the engine and compresses refrigerant gas into a high-pressure, high-temperature vapor. This gas travels to the condenser, where fins help dissipate heat outside of the truck cabin. Now in liquid form, the refrigerant expands through the expansion valve and evaporator coil, where a fan blows across the coil to lower the air temperature inside. Colder air is then circulated through vents into the cab.

Important Maintenance Checks

To keep this process running smoothly, perform these routine checks:

  • Refrigerant Levels: Low refrigerant reduces cooling ability. Check pressure readings and top off if needed.
  • Belts: Inspect belts for cracks or looseness. A slipping belt won’t power the compressor.
  • Filters: Clogged cabin/condenser filters hamper air flow. Replace regularly.
  • Hoses and Connections: Look for leaks, cracks or corrosion that allow refrigerant to escape.
  • Evaporator Coil: Inspect for dirt buildup or damage that blocks air flow.
  • Condenser Fins: Straighten any bent fins to maximize heat dissipation outside.
  • Systems: Have refrigerant type, pressure and leak tested regularly by a shop like MPG Truck Solutions.

Repairs to Consider

Certain issues require repairs:

  • Compressor: Failed compressors reduce pressures and capacities. Replacement is often needed.
  • Expansion Valve: A malfunctioning expansion valve won’t properly regulate refrigerant flow for cooling.
  • cabin blower motor/fan: Check for proper speeds from controls. Repair or replace as needed.

Do-It-Yourself or Seek Expert Help?

While simple checks can be DIY, larger repairs like compressor replacements are best left to trusted mobile shops or dealerships. Their ASE certified technicians have specialized training and equipment for proper diagnosis and repair methods. For all your North Hollywood truck’s repair needs, consider MPG Truck Solutions whose skilled mechanics can get your A/C system back to blowing frosty cold.

Stay Comfy all Summer Long

With some regular diligence, you’ll enjoy functional A/C for lengthy hauls, even in blistering heatwaves. Minor maintenance now can prevent major breakdowns later and costly repairs down the road. So take the time to care for your climate control system—your body will thank you!