Learn to repair your electric car windows with Parts Avatar- Online Car Parts

Most of the cars these days have electric windows and if your car is one of them, then there may come a time when you are pushing the button of the window and it didn’t respond in the way it should have done. If your car window stops moving suddenly, then there may be some problem of a blown fuse or a loose connection. You may also have a faulty switch if your car window work on a hit and miss basis. It is really very common for the window motors to go down sometimes. All you have to do is to carefully examine and identity the major problem and then later on you can repair it with some basic tools.

Learn to repair your electric car windows with Parts Avatar- Online Car Parts

Method: Changing a Fuse

  1. Locate and open the fuse box.

The first and foremost thing which you should do here is to locate and open up the fuse box. It might be located inside the car or near the dashboard.

  1. Check your owner’s manual.

You can always check upon your owner’s manual to easily locate that operates the car windows. Most of the times the thing which is wrong with the electrical components is a blown out fuse. If you find the same problem with your windows, then you must replace the window’s fuse.

  1. Pull the fuse out.

While doing this process, one must be extremely careful not to twist or force it. Nobody would like to damage the cradle or breaking some of the fuse’s piece in the cradle. You can always buy fuse tongs from the stores which would help you with this.

  1. Locate a replacement fuse.

Just be sure that the new fuse which you are going to use should be rated with the same amperage as that of the original fuse. The amp rating should be clearly printed on the fuse and at the same time it should also be mentioned in your owner’s manual. Keep one thing in your mind that you should never ever use a fuse with a higher amp rating as it may damage the electrical components of your car.

Locate a replacement fuse

  1. Push the new fuse.

Now once you have performed the above mentioned steps, then the fuse should be pushed down into the cradle. The fuse should be totally “set”. This means that it should not move.

  1. Turn the car key to the “ON” position

By doing this, it would provide power to the windows and would also allow you to deeply test them. There is no need to start your car.

  1. Test the windows.

Now this is the final step in which you must test the windows. All you have to do here is to confirm that they go up and down without any sort of restriction.

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