Let your car handle the winter better by relying on the tips to winterize your car here at PartsAvatar online car parts store.


PartsAvatar online car parts storeIt can be extremely dangerous to drive in winter and extreme snowy regions. You must prepare your car before heading out in such an extreme weather. This will not only help you give somewhat comfortable ride but also you wont be left stranded on road if any auto part goes bad.

Regularly maintenance of your 4*4 is very important along with replacement car body parts. This is because durability is what your car requires the most in such situations. Winterize your car with these tips here and visit PartsAvatar to buy replacement parts such as car radiator, car performance parts etc.

So, check out the tips to properly winterize your car, so that you won’t be missing important family meetings or appointments because of bad weather.

Inspect the working of car battery

You get into your car, and your engine wont start when you turn on the keys. Moreover, the lights wont respond. Why? Give a minute to calm yourself down and then pop up the hood of your car to check the condition of car battery.

Car batteries support electrical system of your car so they a have a lot of work in their hands. Because of their usage, its obvious for them to run out of life. The other signs of physical signs could be cracks, splits or holes make it unsafe for the car battery to operate.

Cold weather not only freezes our senses but it has the same freezing impact on car battery. In cold weather, car engine need more current from battery to get the engine started.

Make sure your car battery is clean and its terminals are not corroded. If still you can not revive your car, then go for the battery replacement option. Check for any online auto parts shop and place your order!

Winter Tires or snow tires

Winter Tires or snow tires

All season tire or snow tire? All of us often get confused when it comes to choosing right type of tire. Here we are giving a brief account of both tire types.

First lets talk about winter tires. The drivers, who need to explore snowy roads on daily basis, should consider winter or snow tires. Why? For the temperature below 7°C and harsh winter conditions like that of Canada where ice, snow are common winter conditions, consider winter studded or non studded tires.

But for milder conditions like heavy rain, snowfall, which melts quickly you, can consider all weather tires. All weather tires are designed to stay flexible in temperature above or below 7°C and provide excellent grip on snow, slush, wet roads and bare asphalt.

So, know your needs and on what road conditions you are driving, and then make a choice.

Maintenance of car wipers

Maintenance of car wipers

You need to maintain your car wipers because; they have got a good job in their hands of eliminating the snow out of your car’s windshield for better view.

Check your car wipers of cracks and replace them with new ones. Why? Well, the cracks won’t let the wipers to work at their optimum level. Moreover, they could be dangerous for the windshield as they would leave streaks on them.

At snow time, obstruction of view can’t work with driving on road. So, get them replaced with a good set. You can either consider your manufacturer’s recommendation or could buy winter tires, if you are comfortable with their usage.

Tire pressure should be checked

Many of us are ignorant about underinflated and overinflated tires. Both will cost you expensive repairs. What you have got to do is, make sure to check the tire pressure regularly. This wont only make your drive safe and sound but also but provide longevity to your car tires.

Underinflated tires often cause the tires of your car to obtain uneven tire wear patterns. Tires are one of the most expensive car parts so, replacing them would definitely cost you a lot. While checking tire pressure is not that difficult.

Car radiators

You need to check your car radiators if you want your engine to work at its best. In freezing temperature make sure that radiator is not freezing by providing 50:50 mixtures of antifreeze and water.

You must keep the level of antifreeze up and make sure to follow the required ratio for mixing it with water.

Oil is important

If you think, that motor oil is not necessary to be changed in such freezing point then you are wrong. Cold weather reduces motor oil’s effectiveness because oil gets thicker and sticks in freezing temperature. With sticky and thick oil, the lubrication to the engine won’t happen as such thick oil won’t be moving and lubricating parts of engine when it is operating.

This is extremely dangerous because, such forceful action of engine causes immense heat to produce in the engine compartment due to lack of lubrication with leads to premature wear and tear of engine parts. This will not only stall your car but will also cost you expensive repairs.

So before going out in winter you should make sure to properly follow these winterizing tips for longevity of your car and car parts.