My Garage Door Was Stuck Half Open – Here’s What I Did To Fix It

Ever come home to find your garage door stuck halfway up or down? It’s definitely not fun, but don’t panic – it’s usually an easy DIY fix. Here’s what happened with my door and how I got it working again without calling a professional.

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The Problem

The other day I pulled into my driveway after work only to see that my garage door was stuck about halfway down. No amount of pushing or pulling would budge it from that spot. At first I worried it might be a major problem that needed a garage door repair in Newport News. But after inspecting the issue more closely, I realized the cause was actually pretty simple.

Inspecting the Track

I started by taking a look at the door’s tracking, which are the metal tracks on either side of the door that guide its movement up and down. One side looked clear, but on the other I noticed some debris had accumulated. It turned out some leaves and dirt had blown into the track, preventing the wheels from rolling smoothly.

Clearing the Debris

With a little investigation using a flashlight, I was able to see exactly where the debris was obstructing the door’s movement. I used a broom handle to carefully remove all the leaves and dirt that had collected in the track. It took some wiggling to dislodge everything, but with some patience it all came out.

Lubricating the Wheels

Once the track was cleared, I took a look at the wheels that ride along the track. They were grimy and could probably use some lubrication. I applied some powdered graphite lubricant inside each wheel, rolling them along as I worked. This helped ensure smooth rolling without excess friction.

Testing the Motion

When both tracks and wheels looked clear, I gave the door a test push up and down. To my relief, it moved smoothly without catching! The problem was solved without needing professional help. All it took was a little sleuthing to find the cause and some basic cleaning and lubrication to resolve the issue.

Preventing Future Issues

To help prevent getting stuck again, I make sure to clear debris from the tracks regularly, especially after storms. I also re-apply lubricant to the wheels every few months. Taking simple maintenance steps pays off in avoiding expensive repairs down the line. Ever since fixing this problem myself, I feel more confident handling basic garage door tasks without hiring outside help.