Problems with BMW E46 and E39 Cooling System

It’s no surprise to know that the heating is bad for the engine but it may surprise you that it can be particularly damaging to the BMW engine (E46 and E39 model). Overheating the engine in these models can cause head gasket failure and even damage to the head that may require BMW Beverly Hills service or part replacement. Head joints repair needs about $2,500 and a replacement head can range from $3,500 to $5,500. Same is true for Mercedes Benz and in case of problem, there also needs Mercedes Benz Beverly Hills service. For this reason, it is very important to have the cooling system up-to-date and working. If you see your top caliber to rise above the midpoint, pull over immediately. A trailer is much cheaper compared to potential repairs.

BMW and Mercedes Benz models have many causes of overheating and it is perhaps the weakest component of the car. A proper refrigeration maintenance system will ensure that your car will give you years of service. Here are some problem areas to observe.

Car mechanic at work
Car mechanics checking the engine – Two men working on in a workshop, close-up on tools

Radiators – Radiators are known for failures. In most cases, the plastic becomes brittle with age and will fracture at some points, causing leaks.

Water pumps – Water pumps have a significant design flaw. They were originally manufactured with plastic composite rotor. These rotors have a tendency to become brittle with age and break into several pieces.

Thermostat – Thermostat control is integrated into the thermostat body which also contains the temperature sensor. The bodies are made of plastic and deform, causing leaks.

Fan Clutch – It is the main component of the mechanical fan. It allows the fan to rotate slower at lower temperatures so that the motor reaches its operating temperature faster but also allows the fan to rotate faster at higher temperatures to cool more efficiently.