Tips for Caring for Your Car Engine Maintenance

The engine is the heart of the vehicle and needs periodic maintenance once a year or at least every 10,000 km. The most common care is the exchange of oil and filters (air, oil and fuel). But there are other items that demand preventative maintenance, like toothed belt, cables and spark plugs and cooling fluid.

It may also occur that one or more components are of a different specification from the correct or defective. In this case, all systems must be checked until the fault is found. You can visit Auto Repair workshop for complete check-up.


1- Cleaning the nozzles

The technical team indicates the cleaning of the nozzles in cases where the vehicle presents difficulty starting or high fuel consumption. Valves do not clog, but have internal filters that can be replaced.

2- Direct injection

The same attention given to vehicles with indirect injection should be given to direct injection. The fuel feed is pressurized to 200 bar and the injectors should be checked for signs of trouble.

3 – Engine oil

Always use the oil specified in the owner’s manual, regardless of the mileage of the vehicle, and make the changes within the specified time. Never complete the level. If leaking, correct and replace oil. Always change the filter together with the oil.

4- Hoses

Rubber components in the engine casing are aging with time and should be checked and replaced preventively, such as fuel hoses and radiators. The useful life is five years (such as tires) and after that period can dry out and create cracks.

5 – Plugs

The lifetime of a plug is determined by the automakers. In the owner’s manuals, the user can check the recommendation to exchange parts according to these tests. The driver who wants better performance and drivability can replace his standard spark plug with a special model made of platinum or iridium.