Top Tools Every Driver Should Have In a Toolbox

engine2Car repair is not an easy task as this requires a set of certain skills that every driver must possess. Along with the skills, there is also the need for decent tools and equipment that make the job easier as without the tools even the most skilled professional will be helpless.

So, if you are an expert at do-it-yourself and would want to try your hands in car repair and auto parts replacement, then buying a set of tools is a real must – especially when you love your vehicle and would want to keep your motor in top condition. A well maintained car is more likely to have a higher value when compared to the ones that are neglected, so buying some of these suggested tools from Parts avatar Canada  should definitely be seen as a wise investment as opposed to luxury spending.



No toolbox can be complete without a ratchet as they can help easily remove nuts and bolts quickly and efficient way. If you have a vehicle and would like to try your hands on the minor repair works, then having a quality ratchet in your toolbox is the key. This tool comes in handy in multiple situations, whether you’re tightening any loose fittings or removing headlights. It is a must to consider when you’re looking for the auto parts replacement.

Angle Grinder


Sometimes your vehicle may need some rough cutting when you may want to replace a particular part due to rusting; angle grinder can make the job easier as this can easily cut away the metal parts. This is an amazing choice when a bolt is rusty and seized.


If your vehicle is having a stubborn nut or bolt and you want to remove it but its head keeps spinning at the other side while you are using the ratchet, it’s the time to reach for the spanners, my friend. The spanners are available in multiple sizes for different size of bolts ranging from right through to 32mm.



Now that you’ve successfully cut away the rusty bolt head with your awesome new angle grinder, it is the time you are going to need something to prize the bolt from its fitting. A set of good pliers is all you need to save yourself from burning or cutting your fingers. Using these pliers can be the right choice even if you are unable to locate your spanner or ratchet as this can replace any of the two easily.


While the ratchets and spanners can be right tools to tackle the stubborn nuts and bolts, dealing with the screws can be easier with the help of a right sized screwdriver. IT can serve a multitude of purposes whether you are fixing a leaky pipe under the hood or pimping your car’s interior. Make sure to have a set of screwdrivers of different sizes as a single piece cannot deal with all types of screws.

Telescopic Mirror

When you are working under the hood, you surely need a telescopic mirror as this is an absolute godsend when tinkering around the engine bay. It can be coupled with the torch during the dark nights when you have some free time to handle the interior of your vehicle. When buying from online stores like Parts avatar Ontario, pick up for less than a tanner and you need not to bump your head on the intake manifold again!



Fitting something in a dark and dusky night can be a great stress and tiresome task, but it can be made a little easier with a torch that works amazing to eliminate the darkness. It can be a great help when you are trying to find a particular fitting or bolt head in the dark. Whatever task you have in the mind for the coming weekend, it can be made easier with a torch.

Crimping Tool


Dealing with the broken wires can be another daunting task and you don’t want to harm the environment by burning the plastic to get copper inside them. Once you have identified the broken wires, you are going to need a new piece and crimp it together. The crimping tools make it possible for the do-it-yourself type people. Pick one for yourself and you’re ready to enjoy the next session of repairing.

Test Probe

Test probe can go a long way in helping you deal with the electrics such as headlights, dashboard lights and washer jets. This tool can help you identify whether you have a live, or a dud connection in your car’s circuitry. For example, you can use them to know if the headlight bulb is receiving required electricity from the battery or it needs to be replaced immediately.

Along with the above mentioned tools, there’s a wide range of other tools available in the market that must be purchased for a stress free car repair. Have a look at the must have tools in a toolbox to purchase the right ones. Getting your hands on the right tools available is the key to successful car repair every time your vehicle is not feeling well.

Also, make sure to undergo the tips to buy the car repair tools to make a smarter choice so you don’t fall prey to the fake advertisements and other claims that are made by manufacturing companies.