What Rules Apply with Damaged Shipments?

In any consignment, it is significant to keep the goods safe as much as possible.

The greatest risks for pallets are instability in packed loads, which can be the result of poor road condition or from automated and mechanical handling machines, for example forklift truck or conveyor belt. The carrier will use several vehicles to carry the goods, making their consignment prone to shocks and various impacts. For this reason, all items must be correctly secured for shipping and completely linked to a non-slip and sturdy pallet, or any solid foundation keeping all merchandise stable throughout the process.

What Rules Apply with Damaged Shipments

When you need to send goods (ส่ง ของ, which is the term in Thai) especially oversee, we also recommend the use of softening material and firm cartons in addition to supports to secure and lock items that are large in size or unusual shapes. So as to guarantee the grouped load, we recommend the use of load protection trays, band and elastic wrap film that will keep your shipment safe.

What to do with damages goods?

On rare occasions, when the order actually reaches with sign of damage or loss, it is significant to open the damaged order at the same time as the carrier officer is still there at site. Upon opening, you will be required to create a report about the unfortunate delivery. Include photos and other descriptions of the damaged order.

The grievance process relies on the particular transportation company. If you send your shipment through us, we offer all customer support to send complaints directly to distribution companies. Even if we do not take responsibility for the damages, since we do not deal directly with your orders, we are able to guide all of these procedures for free. Remember to inform us within 48 hours of arriving of your damaged order.