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Evolution of ABS

The technology of Anti lock braking system is existing for nearly a century. During the time of World War II, there were anti-skid braking systems in our aircraft and in the 1920s the anti-lock braking systems on automobiles were started. The anti-skid or anti-lock braking system became more common on cars as well as trucks initially and then later on it was further improved in the 1990s to provide more safety and control to your vehicle during the slippery conditions.


You might be thinking that ABS is a bit complicated, but in reality it is very simple. If you are braking and suddenly encounter a skid, then there will be a slowdown as well as a pause in the wheel rotation because of the ABS control module and this would help you to steer out of trouble. In the situation of a conventional skid, the overall steering control would be lost and then your vehicle would travel in the same direction of the skid. Generally there are four wheel sensors in a typical ABS.

Function of ABS

The anti-lock braking systems which were used before were non-electrical. The brake application was modulated mechanically. The contemporary anti lock braking systems are controlled with the help of a computer. The sensors of the anti lock brake are triggered magnetically. A lot of hydraulic pressure is pumped to the brake when the ABS would start pulsing. This function would produce steering control and braking.

Types of ABS

Basically there are three types of anti-locking braking systems. They are as follows:

  1. Four channel/four sensor
  2. Three channel/three sensor
  3. One channel/one sensor

Out of these three, the best option would be the four channel system because it can micromanage the brake action in a skid as it only allows the affected wheel to be pulsed. There are two ABS sensors in a three channel system; one is in the front and the other one in the rear. It is in the axle housing where the rear sensor is located and it affects both the rear brakes. There is a single sensor in the one channel system. These types of systems are really very common on trucks. Make it a point to never pump the brake pedal during an abrupt stop. You should always apply a steady pedal so that the anti lock braking system can do whatever it is designed to do.


ABS Problems

The driver would be notified with a warning light with the help of an ABS control module if there is any malfunction in the system. The problems with ABS sensors would occur if they get contaminated with debris. Some of the malfunctions can also happen if the sensor wiring gets damaged and then it would ultimately result in no continuity.  If there is some malfunction in the ABS, then you can physically check the wiring as well as brake sensors.

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