Check Out the Cars, That the Owners Have Given Most Poor Ratings!!

Buying a new car should be an exciting experience but what if you end up dumping your money on a trash? Of course, you need to do some homework before heading out to invest in a new car. Its not something, that you buy daily or you wont be regretting if by any chance its not that satisfactory, isn’t it?

Don’t regret anymore, look at our picks of worst cars rated by consumer reports and save your investments. If you want to replace car parts such as Mazda parts, ford parts, don’t look further than PartsAvatar auto body parts.

Owner satisfaction isn’t something to be taken lightly. It reflects their opinion and experience of driving that particular car and the hardships of dealing with expensive replacements or worst fuel efficiencies that emptied their pockets. So, don’t compromise when it comes to buying a new car. Thoroughly inspect, do some research, go online and check for user ratings before going to the dealership.

In the mean time, don’t forget to cherish the one that is in your hands right now. You can maintain the longevity of your car with routine maintenance and replacements of worn parts that are affecting your car’s performance.

Check Out the Cars, That the Owners Have Given Most Poor Ratings!!

Nissan frontier

Nissan frontier isn’t that popular among car users. Users have complained of having faced worst transmission problems while driving this vehicle. Transmission system of your car is one of the expensive components that ensure better handling on the road.

Not only is the transmission that is creating trouble, but the radiator is also leaking fluid into the transmission when cracked. This also lets the coolant to pass into the transmission system hence triggering its failure.

Better think before buying this truck.

Jeep compass

Jeep compass is a renowned brand in itself but it has also raised eyebrows with its issues related to cramped interior and seats. Users complain of feeling lethargic performance as there is lack of desired power produced by the engine of compass which also impacts the gas mileage.

The front seats are narrow and if you are unluckily not that tall, then the seats would be a problem for you as a lot of people have complained for having trouble in focusing on the road with such seats.

Moreover, for those who like noise free rides, jeep compass may not be your pick then. This is because, its noise related complaints have been registered. So, in regards to overall comfort, make sure to find a good pick but not this one.

Nissan pathfinder

There we go with another Nissan vehicle that have got complaints. According to reports, the Nissan pathfinder has been having heating issues for past 2 years. Again like in Nissan Frontier, this SUV also had problems with its transmission and leaky radiator.

The gas mileage has been reported by users to be lower than the one that was advertised. Moreover, the seats aren’t comfortable for a relaxing drive.

Chevrolet Cruze

The Chevrolet cruze is one of the Chevrolet’s premier compact cars. With styles ranging from a compact car to wagon, it has become one of the most versatile car in its category.

It have been complained for having low mileage. reports suggest that user bring complaints to the mechanic in regards to Chevrolet’s bad heater, slipping transmission, bad PCV system etc.

The leaks are quite common here too as they accumulate easily causing the coolant to leak into the systems. Moreover, the radiator also gets damaged easily. The interior heating problems are common for Chevy users. So, check the ratings, contact the dealers or if you know someone in your circle who has used this SUV better ask for his/her honest opinion.

Chrysler 200

That’s not a surprise if you have been dealing with bad handling and unsettled ride of Chrysler 200. The worst complaints have been issued in regards to the car’s engine, transmission and brakes. when someone says brake issues, I totally freak out!

The cruise control has been reported to be terrible and ride seems to be rougher. If you want a quite ride, don’t look for this one as the road noise goes louder at highways according to some users.

Dodge charger

Charger has been one of the dodge’s best but still it has got complaints. Car complaints with Dodge charger have been premature engine failure, cramped interior, alternator problems.

If you are looking for spacious, comfortable or larger sedans, then why not consider other auto companies like Toyota.

These were our picks that have been taken from the reviews done by consumer reports.

One last advise, don’t forget to do your part of homework before going to buy a new one!